Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday, September 30, 2013

Turtle Island - What's in a Name?

Tonight Justin and I were talking about the origin of the name America, and how that name came to be used. We discussed how The United States has appropriated the name and how no one else really uses it. Maybe in South America ( I have never been there, and don't know for sure) they may refer to themselves as "South American" But as a Canadian I have never said I am NORTH American. The U.S. just Owns it. Let them have it anyway!

The name Turtle island came up so we looked up the origins of that name.

This Wikipedia page has a brief description. Basically there is a First Nations legend that refereed to North America as Turtle Island. A story passed down orally and recorded long ago goes like this;
  "Sky Woman fell down to the earth when it was covered with water. Various animals tried to swim to the bottom of the ocean to bring back dirt to create land. Muskrat succeeded in gathering dirt, which was placed on the back of a turtle, which grew into the land known today as North America" 

I like this story. Turtles are amazing as they can live on land and in water, They adapt and survive!

It makes me really feel the culture is so beautiful to have this story and I want to learn more about the people who traditionally have lived here in this beautiful and blessed land I live on.

Pink - Just give me a reason.

I love it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I love this vintage Bunny I found on the Graphics Fairy's site.
It reminds me of the bunny from The Velveteen Rabbit.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/25 Virgo Full Moon Affirmations: I am aligned with my most optimum health; in body, mind and spirit. I am guided by the power of discernment regarding myself and others. I release judgment and allow things to *be* as they are. I am open to the power and blessing of Grace.

Monday, February 25, 2013


As a Brownie troupe leader I am an "Owl" I go by Elf Owl.
I liked this "draw an owl" image from The Graphics Fairys blog!

Here is an actual Elf Owl for reference.

Friday, February 8, 2013

This year has been a roller coaster of emotion and activity. After the flurry of activities in December; our families trip to the Caribbean, returning home for snow storms,Christmas and New Years Eve,  followed by a jam packed month in January; each activity could be a post alone; our Brownies troupe sleepover at the Space Centre- seeing Jupiter and its three moons, then taking Ava to see her first concert; LADY GAGA! Creating and presenting my oral statement at the Joint Review Panel for the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project (I am against it) and then seeing OPRAH with 14000 other people! A missed DPAC meeting, the kids learning Centre classes starting again (which I attend two days a week with Ava) A NWEP energy meeting, play dates bowling, swimming with Jenny, regular weekly Brownies meetings, Girls night out (we`ll have to do it again without my husband to make it a true girls night next time- and Belinda will have to stay over so she does not have to drive), the festival of volunteers (which I did not volunteer at but did bring Justin to so he could find a job). Then Two powerful talking circles; one with the Environmental Working group from Occupy Vancouver and Idle No More- led by first Nations Elders, and then a smaller circle called ``Alchemy Night`` with a lovely group of people in East Vancouver.

All of that focus and intention kept me very busy and somewhat distracted.

Then this week my dear sweet Auntie Laura passed away. She was my 90 year old grandmothers older sister. She was one of my favourite people in the world. She was 94, she had been sick near the end and it was not a surprise, but still sad. Grand-mere traveled across the country to be with her the day before she passed on.

As my calendar slowly fills up, the days are getting longer and busier, I try and keep my focus on accomplishing things everyday. I know being home with the kids, teaching them (we homeschool) and watching them grow is the most important of all my activities. I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. I am grateful for my health and having the energy to do everything I do. I have started my membership back up at the Gym; kick-boxing again! I love it! Swimming twice a week as well, this year I really want to get back on my bike (New West is very hilly so I have taken a break from riding).

Finding balance; being active and healthy, focusing on what matters, helping to create the world I want to live in and want to leave for my children. Writing more, creating art, practicing Reiki, cooking and baking more, connecting with friends and family. These are all my goals - not resolutions- just more of the same.

This month will bring even more activities; birthday parties, a play, Volunteering for ``Sensible B.C.`` Our Community Gardening AGM, Valentines parties, Girl Guides International Fair and selling cookies, a Political Forum (there is to be an election in B.C. this year) A community clean up, Spring break, the new Family Day holiday and then Easter, A seed exchange and Earth Day celebrations, the kids birthdays, camping, and more Brownies sleepovers, a worm composting workshop and getting our troupe planting in the community garden `Food Bank`plots. That is the next three months anyway.

I am sure there will be dancing! Lots of dancing! Ava is going to a sleepover birthday party this Saturday so my wonderful Hubby and I will be kid free and have a night on the town! (with dancing).

The sun has been out for the past two days, and as I watch all my family and friends in Ontario dig out the the blizzard that hit them last night and today, I have one more thing to be grateful for it is almost Spring Time on the coast!

I have another post I am going to write about my experience last week at the talking circle. I am very inspired and want to live my passion. That is the point. There is no TRY there is only DO.

 This is one Mandala I coloured from Marks mandala book I gave him for his birthday last year.

 Nature Spirals _ As the lines of the Celtic knots are interwoven, so are we interwoven with everything in nature and the Universe.